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Tender, Delicious Baby KALE!

Spring kale is so darn good right now! We've been loving it in all of our meals! Baby kale makes an amazing ceasar salad, and is so tender it doesn't need to be massaged. Lots of salad recipes will tell you to massage the leaves, but these tender spring greens only need a little toss with your favourite dressing...yumm!

Check out these recipes for more ways to enjoy this wonderful green!

Baby Kale Breakfast Salad

We love starting the day with greens!

CLICK HERE to enjoy the recipe!

Shredded Kale Caesar Salad

Slice up larger kale leaves, or sub in baby kale to make this gorgeous salad!

CLICK HERE to enjoy the recipe!

Sauteed Kale

You can't go wrong with sauteed kale!

CLICK HERE to enjoy the recipe!

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