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The Art of Dressing Your SALAD!

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Making Vinaigrettes and Salad Dressings used to cause me lots of anxiety, stress and confusion. I'd mix all the right ingredients, but I had no idea of proportions.

I remember once being in charge of making a vinaigrette for an event. The Chef in charge assured me that I could handle the task, and so I proceeded to follow the recipe. Once blended, a taste test revealed that there was definitely something off. I informed this to the Chef and she simply told me to taste it, add an ingredient and then taste it again. If it's still off, try another ingredient and so on...

I remember being in the corner of this kitchen, adding ingredients, tasting but not really understanding what flavours I was tasting, making it virtually impossible to know what ingredients I needed to add. I felt completely overwhelmed and lost.

But in the end she was right. Learning how to dress your salads is a bit of trial and error, and developing those taste bud skills to know exactly what's missing.

The following are a few links to help guide you through that steep learning curve ;)

Basic Vinaigrette Recipe (with variations)

7 Vinaigrette Recipes!

Get started on the right foot with the following recipes ;)

6 Chef’s Secrets to Making The Perfect Salad Dressing

Learn from the pros!

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