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My Top 3 SALAD TURNIP Recipes This Spring

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Salad Turnips (AKA Hakurei) often make a great field snack - I simply harvest, wipe clean and devour right there in the field! So juicy, sweet and slightly spicy, these little roots keep you wanting more! If you can stop yourself from eating them on your way home from the Market, here are three great recipes to try.

Braised Salad Turnips

The key to successfully cooking salad turnips is to cook them with the heat on high. You basically want to quickly sear them till they're slightly golden. Then you add your seasoning (vinegar, salt..), toss and serve immediately...yum!

Roasted Salad Turnips

Roasting is a slightly easier way to enjoy your Salad Turnips and just as tasty!

Miso Turnips

Salad Turnips (AKA Hakurei) are a delicacy in Japanese cuisine. And so I felt it fitting to include a Japanese themed recipe in my top I simply love miso!

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