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Magic Is All Around Us - We Just Have To Notice It

This time of year is an interesting time for us on the Farm. While we impatiently wait to harvest our summer veggies, we're also busy seeding and transplanting out our winter crops.

Let's take those yummy carrots for example. Our first seeding was way, way back in April, when the ground was still frozen in some places, but the soil was nice and fluffy in the tunnels. With excitement and care, we prepped the beds, seeded the carrots and tucked them in under a heavy blanket to keep them warm during those cold spring nights. Many of you have already grown carrots and understand how agonizingly slow they grow. Yes, carrots are my zen gurus - helping me master the art of patience.

For the past 3 weeks, I've allowed myself to dig through that first spring carrot patch and pull out one single carrot at a time to help me figure out when that delicious first harvest will be. Well that, and to enjoy a teeny tiny bight of spring sweetness! ;)

But while we anticipated that first harvest, we continued to periodically sow more seeds in order for us to have a continuous amount of nice fresh carrots all summer, fall and even winter long. Canada Day is usually when I seed my storage crop. So while we waited and struggled with the belief that these little carrots may never amount to anything, we continued seeding until all of our crops are now growing out in the field. Letting go and believing in the powers of the seed, mother nature and my farming abilities = VERY HARD. But when you pull those first few carrots out of the ground, that my friends, makes me believe in MAGIC!

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