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FENNEL - My Absolute Favourite!

Fennel isn't a common vegetable around here, I think mostly because many aren't sure how to prepare it. It's true that it's a very unique vegetable with a sweet liquorice flavour. However, I must warn you that once you start cooking with fennel, you'll be hooked and will want to include it in everything! It's just sooooo good!!

Fennel Apple Slaw

Fennel has a distinct flavour, but it's not over powering, so you don't want to over season your dish. A little apple cider vinegar, sat and pepper is just the right for a nice fennel slaw.

Braised Fennel

To add just a little more fennel flavour to this dish, I usually saute 1tsp of fennel seeds in the olive oil before adding the fennel bulb.

Fennel, Garlic Cream & Fish

Fennel really pairs well with fish (all kinds of fish and seafood!) - try it chopped in mussels, as a side with salmon or on the BBQ with trout.

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