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3 Ways To Preserve Your HERBS

There's nothing like the sweet smell of fresh basil, dill, cilantro and fennel. The herb garden is my little haven - it's basically the heart of the garden and a wonderful place to receive a little bit of aroma therapy each and every week!

Check out how to savour a little bit of that sweet aroma all year long with these three great recipes!

Salted Herbs

Traditional salted herb recipes are composed of a blend of herbs, but you can also salt each herb individually so that you have a little more freedom in how you want to salt and flavour your winter dishes.

Freezing Herbs in Oil

I often process herbs in olive oil without adding any other flavouring. Again this gives me the option to add it to soups, sauces or to make my favourite pesto.

Herb Infused Vinegar

So great in a vinegrette, but also a wonderful way to add some flavour in your soups, stirfries and braises...DELISH!

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