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3 NEW POTATO Recipes I Suggest You Try This Summer

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

We Islanders sure love our New Potatoes, but can you blame us?! They're so creamy and the perfect vehicle for delicious butter. One of my favourite childhood memories is going out to the garden with my mom, selecting the perfect beets and digging up a few potato plants for our lunch. It was the perfect little adventure and treasure hunt with the best reward - a nice plate of steamed veggies with loads of butter, salt, pepper, and maybe even with a few slices of fried bologna on the side. Oh my love affair for fresh veggies started really young! Thanks Mom!

Smashed New Potatoes

Fun and easy, all you have to do is...





Provençal Potato Salad

The 'no mayo' european-style potato salad is by far my favourite type of potato salad. Try it, it just might become your new summer fave!

Pan Roasted Potatoes

Simple, yes. Tasty, yes. And then there's butter, garlic and dill....oh my!

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