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You're Part of Something GREAT! - THANK YOU

Is it possible to create a different economy - one where the well-being of our community is as important as its financial health? It seems hard to imagine a world where money doesn't trump everything. Where actual people matter. Where our ecosystems matter. Where everyone takes on a little bit of the risk, has a part to play and feels like they belong. A community where no one is overly stressed, no one takes on too much of the burden, no one is left out and everyone is satisfied, or even quite possibly happy and thriving.

If you think this is simply impossible, well you haven't seen the power of a CSA. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is centered around the well being of the community. Within the CSA Model everyone shares in the joys and burdens of its food system. Collectively, we enjoy the bountiful years and take on the risks of those harder years with lower yields. The farmers feel supported, the members enjoy the riches of the land and together we can even broaden our community and help those who are food insecure access good local organic food.

It's true that everyone's needs are different. Everyone enjoys different food. But what I've actually found over the past few years running my baskets, is that we often complement each other. We're all different - we have different realities, history, interests, preferences, needs... Striving for sameness doesn't take into account our beautifully diverse community!

For instance, if the garden was divided up equally and everyone received the same vegetable basket, many of you would go home with veggies you didn't like, didn't want, and maybe felt guilty for wasting. Now let's imagine those same veggies are divided in such a way where you all have choice and options, where you would bring home everything you enjoyed, wanted, needed. Some baskets would be larger including a wide range of veggies, while others would be smaller with just a few staples. Each basket would be unique, and everyone would not only be satisfied, but often thrilled about their basket of veggies.

That's honestly something that I see each and every week at our CSA Pick-Ups! As a farm we strive to have everyone leaving with exactly what they want, and me the farmer, feeling supported every inch of the way!

So I guess we can have our cake AND eat it too ;) Why compromise when you can be part of a community and have it all!

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