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Following the Example of a SEED!

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Would it surprise you if I told you that I love winter? If you've been along for the journey the past few years you might remember me singing with joy about this season - the slower pace, time in front of the cozy wood stove, longer intimate conversations with loved ones, bottomless pots of tea, the seriousness of boardgames and impromptu dance parties in the kitchen. Time slows down in the winter, and my body mind & spirit thank me for this seasonal change. The rhythm that's created from our four seasons feels like such a gift. What if we gave in to its magic? What if we softened into its slower pace rather than stubbornly resisting and continuing with our usual super-charged busy days? When the natural world around us is resting, isn't this the perfect time to take a pause?

organic farm seeds germinating
Ideas germinating after a nice winter pause

And so I give myself permission to dive inwards, check my body, witness where my summer aches, tensions and strengths lie. Pausing. Don't be fooled about the power of a pause. I've learned it's not a standstill. It's a part of movement forward that heals and strengthens. This pause offers fuel to my mind, which burst with colourful thoughts, ideas, and excitement. This pause is like a seed - it holds the keys to the past and the hopes of the future! Maybe that's why there is such a seed buying craze happening right now - everyone is purchasing hope and colourful futures!

In case you were worried about our seed stocks for the farm, I assure you that there is no need to fear my friends! This little farmer secured lots of seeds and is dreaming big! 2021 will be a year of lush gardens, epic collaborations, as well as big barn renos! So far plans include three new tunnels to help us increase our lettuce and cherry tomato supplies, a completely new packshed to improve our workflow and ensure our veggies are top quality, and strengthening our ties with our farmers friends in the hopes that this will help us focus our efforts and give us a bit more time to be our silly, fun, loving self!

We simply can't wait to share with you our stories, our successes and our challenges. But most of all, we are thrilled to grow mouth watering, taste-bud-tickling veggies that will nourish your body and mind! This is going to be fun!

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