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Learning The Fall Harvest Dance

Fall brings with it a different pace and tempo here on the Farm. It's not necessarily a slower one, but it's definitely a little less chaotic. There are fewer small weekly tasks on the To-Do list - seeds are all sown, fewer plants are left to be transplanted and weed pressures are minimal. This time of year is all about those end of the season wrap-up jobs and those large fall harvests.

As a farmer, you need to create your very own fall dance because it is at this time of year that the farm seems to experience two opposing realities at the same time. For instance, there's always the stress of getting all of the cold sensitive crops such as winter squash and sweet potatoes harvested, cured and stored in their respectful places before the first frost.

And at the same time, all those cold loving crops like the brussels sprouts, parsnips, cauliflower and broccoli are just screaming out for a nice cold frosty morning. Like us, they too have survived the hot summer and have patiently waited for the cool fall weather, when they finally sweeten up and turn the garden into a colourful mosaic of greens, blues and purples!

As for the farmers, well, we also have our opposing realities. The spring and summer months have most definitely left us tired, but we are also fuelled and marvelled by finally seeing and harvesting the bulk of the fruits of our labour!

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