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Yes, It's TRUE - You'll Be Able To Enjoy The WINTER BASKET Again!

Many of you have asked what we intend to do this winter - whether we will be running a Winter Basket again. This has been a tough question, one that we've been mulling over for a while now - because we love farming, we love all of you AND we love our precious down time in the winter. So we ask, how can we create something that works for everyone?!

This heatwave has us dreaming about cooler times and the WINTER FOOD BASKET!  What have you been doing to stay cool these days?

I know I've talked to you all about my quest to create a little more balance in my life. Farming is most definitely something I love to do, but it is by no means my everything. I also enjoy reading, traveling, cross-country skiing, swimming, eating with family and friends, painting, drawing...the list goes on. In my twenties, I enjoyed creating all sorts of things, but for the past ten years or so, it seems my life has been a little bit more focused.

Many will tell you that farming is a lifestyle - a way of life, a choice. It is true that farming often guides you to live a more grounded life, one that flows and changes with the seasons. However, I don't believe that as person who farms, I also need to dedicate my entire life to producing food. I also want to explore the beauties that this life has to offer. In this quest for balance and for the perfect fit, we are pleased to announce that we will be running a Winter Food Basket starting mid-January through to March on a bi-weekly basis. This way we are able to deliver great vegetables all winter long all the while enjoying a little more down time. I think that's a win-win situation!

We would however, like to hear what you think of our winter plan as well as what veggies you're looking forward to enjoying in your Winter Basket. Let us know at your next Pick-Up or send us an email. Let's make this Winter Basket GREAT!

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1 Comment

Aug 01, 2019

That sounds great! I assume we can grab what we need for the two weeks. Winter veggies have staying power any way!

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