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Winging It Like A PRO!

The FALL BASKET has officially started! WELCOME MEMBERS - you're in for a delicious tour of what our beautiful Island has to offer! Fall is such a wonderful season, filled with so much colour and flavours to savour. Let the recipe sharing and food stories begin! :)

Now would probably be the best time for me to reassure all of you that you are in very capable hands, that with the 12 years of experience under my belt, I've got this whole farming thing figured out and on lock down. But I honestly really can't say that... The truth of the matter is that most days I'm winging it. Yes, I might even call myself a Master Winger! I have acquired a lot of useful and random farming skills over the years. However, all of these skills constantly need to adapt to our ever changing climate and environmental realities. What stood to be true a few years ago, maybe even last year or yesterday for that matter, can be way out of wack right now in this moment.

On top of that, our Island organic farming community is only at an infant stage - at most we're toddlers learning to walk. With fewer farms passed on to younger generations and most small market farmers having little to no farming background, there's so much knowledge that has been lost over the years and loads to learn! Thank goodness for our open and amazing farming community - sharing ideas, tricks, stories, that is how our farming community moves forward cause honestly, we're all just winging it...we're winging it each and every day...we're winging it together! And I must say that we're doing a pretty darn good job considering.

Having all of you believe in me - in our farming community - and share in the risk and stress we farmers take on each and every year to feed the population, to create change, to build a better future is such a wonderful gift! Thanks for believing that I can WINGING IT LIKE A PRO!

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