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This Week's Ramblins'

What the heck have we been up to this past week you ask?! Well let me tell you in a not so orderly fashion...

There's been lots of warm sticky days lately, and so that often translates into hectic mornings, trying to cram as much harvest and field work while it's still somewhat tolerable out there.

After 1pm though, forget it, you won't see us out in the fields for any length of time. It's just too darn hot to even think about working under that sun, we'd basically have to all wear camel packs and have a continuous flow of liquids into our bodies to replace all of the sweat our bodies are perspiring.

One thing this hot weather is great for is killing weeds! Once cultivated or pulled, they simply have no chance and instantly wither up and die! Did I ever mention that I love killing weeds?! I think most farmers love to tidy up their fields. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about old fashioned sit and hand weed - I think we can all be in agreement there that that's no fun on a 6-acre scale. What I love is cultivating with a hoe, whether it's hand held or mounted on a tractor. Killing all of those little emerging weeds is so satisfying!

This past week was also a bit more hectic than usual because we were short staffed. Considering it's the middle of the summer and how long our to-do list is right now, I think we did really well! That being said, we were running a little behind on our harvest, and so last Monday we hosted a little work party to help us get all caught up. A great big THANK YOU! to everyone who came out and helped!

As a result, our days have flowed from jam packed mornings, full of harvesting, transplanting, and weeding, into afternoons mostly spent in the cooler pack-shed washing, packing and delivering our tasty veggies.

Dawn and dusk is when we turn on our irrigation to keep our soil and plants happy and thriving! And mid-day lunches is when all of our crew gets together for chats and giggles.

Farming is a lot of work, and our bodies are most definitely feeling this heat and exertion. But there are also so many moments of laughter and beauty that I deeply treasure.

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