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Starting A Revolution With Our Food Stories!

The Farm attracts all types of people. Many come through to learn about organic farming, while others are looking for a little break from their usual hurly burly life. Over the years, what I've found is that no matter the reason, every single person that steps on this Farm simply loves food. And so it goes to reason that our Farm conversations often revolve around food. Like how to cook up a tasty dish, what's a great recipe we've recently tried, where might there be a good chanterelle patch, what ferments are we hoping to tackle this year, what dishes are we dreaming up and how can we perfect that beautiful art of eating. Food seems to be the great connector because, quite simply, we all eat.

Someone once told me that in certain parts of the world, small talk revolves around food. Like how we Islanders enjoy talking about the changing weather, some communities talk about food. I absolutely love this. Imagine meeting up with a loved one or maybe even an acquaintance on the street and asking them 'So, what have you eaten lately? Anything interesting?'. Personally, I think this could be revolutionary - food stories being shared, no matter if they are good, bad or ugly. Hearing about people's most recent food stories could help us genuinely know how people are doing, and ultimately, help us create stronger connections between us all.

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