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OH MY, We're In For A Tasty Treat!

We all know that the first signs of Spring are the green pastures and budding leaves on the trees. Plants are coming out of hibernation and are putting all their energy into producing leaves. Why? Well to harness as much of the sun's rays. Sunlight is the plant's food and if they aren't able to feed themselves, nothing grows. It's that simple. As a result, the spring is filled with tender leafy greens, such as lettuce, arugula, kale, swiss chard, spinach and beet greens.

As we move through the spring into the early parts of summer, we have longer and warmer days, and many plants have had enough time to establish a nice leafy panache. The plant's focus moves from leaf growth to root production. That's when we get to enjoy those crunchy root vegetables such as beets, carrots, turnips and radishes!

During the next growth phase, we see the energy move back up from the roots through the stem to produce sweet, juicy fruits. This occurs after the Summer Solstice, when the shorter days triggers the fruit producing plants to get into gear and send all their energy into reproduction and seed production mode. That's when the plants really start flirting with us and produce some of the tastiest, sweetest foods! It's their way of ensuring that their seeds propagate next year's plants.

Makes you wonder who's in charge - is it the humans who plant the seeds or is the plants who seduce us with their flavours? Or maybe it's a little of both!...

Right now, we are just entering this third growth phase - harvesting peas, zucchini and cucumbers! With tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and beans to come! Oh my, are we in for a delicious treat! Isn't it great to be eaters?!

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