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NO WINTER BASKET - This Farmer Is Working On Being Resilient

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

In my mid-twenties, when I started farming, I was very bold, idealistic, stubborn, optimistic and in love with the idea of getting down and dirty! I always loved food, but my love grew with every crop I learned to grow. I enjoy the challenge of building a super sweet and fertile soil - one that holds moisture, that has a good 'crumb' and that is brimming with earthworms! Sometimes I'm in awe with what I have build these past ten years - starting with pretty much only a backpack of stuff and a dream to make a small difference in my community! Today, after an incredible amount of hard work, perseverance, stamina and tears (both of joy and frustration), I have a gorgeous piece of land, a community behind me and a soil full of life!

Soleil's Farm Local Organic Vegetable Farm Prince Edward Island Silly Playful

But more recently, I have found myself thinking of resiliency. How can my farm and I be resilient and weather any kind of storm that comes our way? How can I ensure that I farm till I'm old and grey? Yes, there are always the usual economic and environmental strategies to consider, but lately I have been thinking of another uncommon and unpopular strategy, especially in today's busy/workaholic culture. I'm talking about the idea of being resilient by taking care of ourselves, our spirit, our body, our minds and our heart. Rest & Play - two key elements to help us stay strong, make sure we don't burn out and help us enjoy the journey (our life) towards a more sustainable & just world.

And so with this realization in mind, I have decided to rest this winter and not run the Winter Basket. This was a very hard decision to make for myself, but once I finally made up my mind, I felt so much lighter, happier and super stoked. I have promised myself to take this winter as a gift, and enjoy the time reading in front of my wood stove, eating with friends, napping with my cat and much dreaming! And once spring rolls around, I will be eager to get started again and offer you amazing baskets starting in July!

I'm working to be a resilient farmer - one that will be working and playing in the fields till I'm old and completely grey! And so this winter I rest. Thank you for being such a great community, I couldn't do this without each and every one of you! hugs

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