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A Hardworking Silly Crew Makes Me Happy!

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

One thing I really learned this year, is that the Crew is most definitely the backbone of the Farm. No matter how organized or efficient your farm may be, it all depends on a crew to get the job done and done well. Like the lettuce mix for instance, the Farm depends on everyone harvesting it just right, washing it clean, and packaging it without any bruises. Each and every step relies on the simple fact that your crew cares about the Farm, the Farmer, the Product and You, the Customer. Without this care and dedication, Soleil's Farm wouldn't be able to make it to the Pop-Up Market, fill the CSA Baskets or supply restaurants with the freshest ingredients week after week. It simply wouldn't be possible...

Soleil's Farm Local Organic Vegetable Farm Prince Edward Island Playful Farming Friends
Soleil's Farm Crew

There is also a difference between a hard working crew and one that also gels in such a way that makes the days full of laughter and celebration! I spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week with the crew. I spend more time with the crew than with my own family - sorry mom and dad, I'll be over for tea or happy hour sometime soon...

So a crew that has life and a Joie-De-Vivre, well that just helps make the summers exciting and gives this little farmer permission to let her silly side run wild and free!

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