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Frost, Heatwave & Spring DELICIOUSNESS!

It’s been a wild spring (I think it’s safe to say for all of us!), and the growing season has been full of extremes. It’s hard to imagine that only two weeks ago the farm was hit with a heavy white blanket of cold frost! At the time, our heat-loving tunnels were already filled with tender pepper and tomato plants - so we took the time to carefully cover and tuck all of our tender plants inside the tunnel as well as everything else out in the field!!! It was no easy feat, but we were sure glad we put in the extra effort! Our little zucchinis were the only ones to have been slightly affected…a real win for us!!

AND THEN, only a few days later, we swung right into a heatwave – I’m not sure the plants knew what hit them!

Despite all the curveballs of the past few months, I’m happy to say the garden is looking pretty fantastic! We’re so thankful to have irrigation for the first time. It’s been a two year process that included digging a new well, and it’s been a lifesaver as we navigate the driest spring we’ve ever experienced.

Do any of you remember last year’s first Pick-Up? What a difference!! We were all bundled up and trying so hard to stay warm! Makes we wonder if these extremes are becoming our new normal??

No matter the weather, we can’t wait to bring you all the delicious treats from the garden. Broccoli is on its way in the field, beets and salad turnips are almost ready, and beautiful round cherry tomatoes are starting to form! Good-eating times with tons of juicy flavours are just around the corner my friends! It’s going to be so great!

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