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BIG Barn Renos - Building Our Dream Packshed

This winter my mind is brimming with ideas and possibilities - it's been hard to keep up! Most days, I catch myself staring off into the distance, dreaming of what could be. Or I find myself grabbing tiny scraps of paper lying around the house to jot down my most recent brilliant idea (ha!).

The plan is to upgrade our beautiful 1960s dairy barn and turn it into the vegetable packshed we've always dreamed about! Equipped with a loading dock, new coolers, graded floors and a trench drain. These changes will not only make everything (I mean EVERYTHING), run smoother and more effortlessly, but it will also help us produce the safest most reliable veggies our little farm can produce! Safety has always been a priority of ours. The safety of our soils, our food, our community, our future. It's one of the reasons why we choose to farm organically!

But first, I need to make decisions, decisions, so many decisions! We're in the midst of the planning phase - taking measurements, researching building materials, creating large bristol board barn plans and meeting with our contractors! So many questions need to be answered, and pieces of the puzzle solved before any physical work actually begins. For instance...

Where should the new coolers be located?

Where will the water enter the barn and how will it flow out?

How do the dirty veggies enter the barn, where do they get washed, packaged, stored and finally how do they exit for deliveries?

The ideas have to be imagined, conceptualized, thrown out, tweaked & re-tweaked, drawn out and communicated, all before a hammer touches a nail.

It's A LOT of planning! At times, the project seem big and insurmountable, but by breaking the project down into tangible phases, I am left with a comprehensible road map that will guide me through my fits of worry and fear, keeping me organized, on track and so incredibly excited!

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