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WINTERING...the verb

It's been over a month now that we wrapped up the 2021 growing season and began our 'wintering'. I've always considered it a blessing to live in a place that experiences four full seasons, each unique and complementary. As someone who tries to actively lean into each season and enjoy its gifts and teachings, I find that my love for winter grows as I roll through the years.

As a seasonal farmer, winter can offer me the luxury of time and space. It is such a contrast from the busy summer and fall months, that it always takes me a little while for my mind and body to catch up. Initially my mind races to fill this new found time with everything and anything. I crave all the things I haven't been able to indulge throughout the growing season. Knitting, reading, hiking, cooking, hosting, playing games, skiing, house renos, check-ups, massages... I want it all and all at once. This flurry of excitement for the winter season often produces great expectations and an overly packed schedule that is unnecessarily stressful and unsustainable, and thus a mini breakdown ensues... how am I so bad at taking some time off??

Our beautiful local yurt retreat!
Our new tent sauna has helped us 'winter'

And that's when winter whispers its secrets and teachings. Time can only be your friend if you allow it to be. And from that moment on, every time I catch myself stressed or panicked, I stop, breathe and remind myself of winter's vastness...enjoy it, feel it, welcome it into each and every day. Learn how to winter and maybe some of its teachings will linger through to the next season.

PS I loved listening to the On Being episode "Wintering" with Katherine May! Helpful reminders as I lean into this season.

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