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Growing Organic Vegetables, Starts with a SPRING WALTZ!

Organic Vegetables Farm PEI Seedlings Spring

Spring time on the Farm seems to always force us farmers to choreograph this delicate dance between getting things ready for the season and waiting for the snow to melt. To my surprise, this year my body is filled with excitement rather than the usual stress! Interesting, considering the world is going through some major upheaval right now and there are so many reasons for me to be a nervous bean. Perhaps it's the soothing feeling I get when seeding those organic seeds, watching them grow into little seedlings and dreaming of their juicy, crunchy flavours that calms my nerves. Or maybe it's the warmer sunny weather melting and softening the snow to uncover our long lost fields. Have you noticed that if we sit still enough, we can witness the slow turn of a seasonal page? Spring is here and oh my does this vegetable farmer love it!

organic vegetable farm pei greenhouse lettuce spring

Spring life on the farm is simple, light and a little slower. It is true that there's a lot of time for energetic brainstorming sessions, but these bursts of energy are interspersed with pockets of quiet reading on veggie varieties, soil health and farm efficiencies. It's not all pretty, there are moments when the waiting game gets the best of me, or the outdoor work turns into a muddy mess. However, I'm noticing that the fifteen years of farming experience has thankfully mellowed me out a little. I've learned that I'm a damn good planner - I love to carefully strategize and organize for the growing year. However, I have also come to understand that even if I craft the most well thought out plan, something is bound to go wrong. This Pandemic is a huge question mark, as is the weather and pests that make their way into the fields. It has been a long winded lesson, but it seems that I have finally started to gain comfort from knowing that when I'm thrown a curve ball, I can rely on my wicked problem solving capabilities! Understanding that about myself calms my antsy springtime nerves - giving me a little more confidence to continue doing what I love to do :

Farm this little piece of land, grow the tastiest organic vegetables and feed my community!

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